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And as I've told you gents before, if you both can't play nicely, use the ignore button. Finding faults in an argument is fine, but attacking each other ain't on. Doesn't matter who started it. Stoo, if you find someone contradictive, there are other ways of going about arguing your point. And though you are a zealous fan, sometimes it may serve you well to be more subtle in your criticisms of others.

And Raiders112390- the upkeep wouldn't allow anyone to be "run off" the Raven by another member. And all Raveners are seen as equal. It also may serve you well, to ignore any attack or simply report it if you feel a post has gone too far. On the other hand, it also may serve you well, to take time to think a little before posting- I know I read a lot more posts, than I actually post.

(I don't mean you No Ticket, I don't find any fault with your post).
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