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Originally Posted by Stoo
You guys should check out this thread from last month:
How Indy 5 can preserve YIJC bookends as canon

As for the year of Indy 5? No later than '65. (Preferably, 1962.)

Why do you prefer '62?
My preference personally would be anywhere from 1959-1961...I cut it off at '61 because '62 is the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis; In America, at least, this is culturally one of the first defining events of the '60s. Pop culture didn't really change much roughly between '57 and '63, which is why 1960-1963 is sort of a forgotten time; It was basically a continuation of the '50s. I mean, I am open to anything up to 1965...But I'd prefer no later than 1961.

I have to admit, it will feel weird seeing, say "Egypt, 1961" at the start of the next movie. I have always wanted to see Indy in the early '60s, but I will admit it will feel different. The '50s are an easier sell because they're a less modern period, a more pulpy time (it being the era when quite a few of the films which inspired Indy came out). The '60s start to take us into modern history...Anything in and after 1965 is to me modern history.
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