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4 other actors, actually.
Corey Carrier, River Phoenix, Sean Patrick Flannery and George Hall.
To the point of the thread though, I'd prefer to see a fifth Indiana Jones movie set either in the very late '50s (1959- though by the time the movie gets made that will probably not be as believeable) or the early 1960s. I could see things tieing in to the space race, for sure. There's also the Cuban Missile Crisis going on and the Cold War and the Vietnam War in the mid-'60s.... And the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK's assassination.... There is a lot of history in that time period that could definitely play a part in the movie, but I don't know how much they might want to get into any of those events.
And as I've said before, I'd prefer that Harrison Ford make one last Indiana Jones movie and be done. But as long as he's up for it, I'll happily go see other Indy movies starring him in the role. I don't particularly care to see a new young version of Indy, though I feel sure Disney will wind up doing that eventually. We'll see. I'll just look forward to the 5th. movie for now.
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