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Last Crusade Jacket Specs

I'm about ready to order a custom LC jacket from Wested. They told me recently that they are no longer interested in creating a Hero LC. When I asked if they had the specs for the original jacket on hand, they said that their pattern cutter misplaced them. Really? So basically I'm on my own if I want a screen accurate jacket. I've been trying to find the original LC specs all over the internet. I must not be looking in the right places because my search has been in vain.

Would someone here be kind enough to provide me with a list of ALL the LC specs that Wested would accommodate if I entered them in the special requests box? Also, which skin (in your opinion) is best for the LC? Dark Novapelle? Copper? Pre-distressed? I know that to get the screen accurate look I would need to do my own distressing, so I just need to know what the best choice would be for a starting point. Thanks in advance!
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