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Just to be a jerk....uh, make that, "Just to *play devil's advocate".....Indy did punch a girl in the beginning of TOD (albeit a stoned case of mistaken identity). Furthermore in the position of devil's jerk, allow me to continue by saying that Indy exists in a very bigoted universe where not only black people don't exist, but other groups (including genders) are painted with a very broad stroke of one-dimensional stereotypes. You want to alienate fans that already couldn't withstand a different slant on the Indy adventure? Have him punch a woman in the face a dozen times onscreen. Whatever your mental image of how an action scene like that could work, it would alienate viewers. Fans and casual filmgoers alike. Indy may not exactly be Dale Carnegie, but he's not really one to use his pimp-hand, either.
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