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Originally Posted by Indy's brother
You want to alienate fans that already couldn't withstand a different slant on the Indy adventure? Have him punch a woman in the face a dozen times onscreen. Whatever your mental image of how an action scene like that could work, it would alienate viewers. Fans and casual filmgoers alike. Indy may not exactly be Dale Carnegie, but he's not really one to use his pimp-hand, either.

I guess I just don't see how it would alienate people. Of course, it would have to be set up properly-- We'd have to see that the woman poses a very definite threat to either Indy or someone he cares about, or to the world. Obviously no one is proposing that he should walk into the kitchen and say to Marion, "Where's my dinner, b-itch?!" and punch her in the face (that might alienate people), but if the woman is a threatening villain, giving Indy no choice but to fight back, then sure, why not? I think most people would be okay with that. But again, it all comes down to how the scene is set up.
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