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Originally Posted by Trennas
I hope you fix it! This game deserves to be played properly!

Cheers, dude!

Here are a few more pictures of Drake and his aura...

The aura's less obvious here though. It was much clearer on the previous pic I posted.

I showed that previous pic at work to a few graphics programmers who own a PS3 and have played 'Uncharted' but they'd never seen something like that and they had no idea what to do about it...
So sadly, that hasn't helped me very much.

Still have to try out Drifter's tips though. Who knows... They just might help.

Still no response from Naughty Dog either. Of course, I can imagine they have their hands full finishing 'Uncharted 2' right now... So absolutely no hard feelings there.

In fact, I feel kinda bad that my problem has somewhat engulfed this thread.
Let's all keep in mind that this strange aura glitch is apparently very rare and that the game is absolutely brilliant! I can really recommend it to all PS3 owning Indy fans out here
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