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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
What Continent is Cairo on?

Yeah, but in the imagined geography that Indiana Jones lives in, the casbah-inflected "Cairo" of Raiders and a sub-Saharan "Dark Continent" have little in common. Even in our geography, Alexandretta is twice as close to Cairo as, say, Khartoum, which is still in the Sahara and still on (one of the branches of) the Nile.

Apart from my moratorium on putting more James Bonds into the Indy films, I would say that Idris Elba seems like rather too big a star for such a part, but his talents would be welcome, as would those of any number of other first-or-second generation African actors currently breaking through, like those mentioned here or the magazine-covering Lupita Nyong'o and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
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