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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Surprised Jon Hamm hasn't been mentioned yet. Assuming this is an Indy 5 with Harrison were talking about and not a reboot, he fits perfectly in a 1960s setting, and would work either as a villain or acquaintance of Indy(or maybe both like Mac).

And while the franchise has already stressed out African deserts, if the film does return to that region there should be no reason Sallah doesn't return. It would be an obvious but perfect way to tie in to the original trilogy, and it would be great to see John Rhys-Davis again, who is alive and active as ever.

Maybe they can offer a role to Danny DeVito, Spielberg's original choice for Sallah!

Maybe instead of like a super villain scheme, it can be more practical focused. And a villain/acquaintance could be better done maybe a fellow archaeologist who turns to the illegal antiquities trade? I was thinking like a long con sort of plot where he only helps out indy so far as he knows where the item is. And yeah Hamm would be good for a role like that.
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