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More Indy in Kingston

Originally Posted by inky_skin
@Stoo - excellent work mate ! That second pic reminds me of "Abbey Road" for some reason.
Funny because the album cover did pop into my mind when I was framing the shot!
Originally Posted by inky_skin
Feels like we're enjoying a bit of a "happening" here
This thread is destined to become a Raven classic. So much more interesting than conversations about the latest Nintendo product.
Originally Posted by AlivePoet
Darned order of being second last...I want Jones now!
You have a long wait ahead of you. Just pray he doesn't get lost!

"Well, dad's colleauge passed away overnight so it looks like I'm on my own. There are 4 Martello towers here in Kingston. Hope the Murney Tower is the right one."

"The construction of towers in the 1840s was a ripple effect due to the Oregon Boundary Dispute. Along with Fort Henry, the shore of Lake Ontario was well defended. Will have to get through that door. Damn, it's windy today!"

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