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Originally Posted by Stoo
Rivers, yes, it *can* be done. Of course it's possible but is it probable? Nobody knows for sure...

You're right with a suggested May date because all of the Indy movies (apart from "Raiders") came out during that month. Being the most recent film, Indy 4 would be the best comparison for a production timeframe. The shooting of "Skull" started in June 2007, which was 11 months before its release so Indy 5 would *probably* have to get the cameras rollling by June 2013 (in order to meet Moon Tan's idea of a pre-100th anniversary).

Ya. thats exactly it. It seems thay have plenty of time to get a film out for May 2014. Ya, but, I dont think anyone really cares if it is in time for Paramounts 100th anniversary.
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