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Originally Posted by Drones33
I’d go for Wested if I were you. Better quality and fit than Todd’s, (apparently), half the cost of Magnoli’s made to measure jackets and more screen accurate than their White Label offering (by the looks of it on the magnoli website). Wested has a great choice of leathers available, plus the option to have one custom made without breaking the bank. It’s also always worth checking out the Clearance section of Westeds site. I’ve picked up a couple of bargains on there over the years for less than £150

And I picked up a nearly-new Raiders in lamb from eBay a month or two back for only £95. The fit is perfect and the leather is so supple: it's gorgeous. Just a bit light for the weather at the moment (English spring: ha!)

I did also pick up a Raiders Novapelle in D Brown from the clearance section of Wested's website just after! It was only £175 and was the perfect size, albeit with custom longer sleeves (and I'd rather have longer sleeves than too short). I really like the fit and the more substantial leather, and the sleeves seem fine to me (I tend to think leather jackets should have long sleeves), plus they'll probably ruck up over time anyway. It certainly needs a lot more wear to look less fresh though.
But I did want to ask others who've bought Novapelle: it seems a little fragile where water is concerned? Whenever it gets a splash on it it seems never to dry out: I still have a few dark spots on it when some snowflakes fell on it weeks ago! Does it need treatment in some way? I like the look of them aged up but I don't want to look like it's got drips on it all the time.

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