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Originally Posted by Drones33
I must say I agree. I didnít give mine the Pecards treatment for about a year, because I really like the dusty look that novapelle aquires over time. Yes, mine did show up where it had been rained on, at least for a while. But that spotting soon disappeared, or at least diminished as the jacket began to pick up little marks and scuffs etc. And thatís one of the biggest appeals of novapelle, for me; the fact that it naturally weathers beautifully, and quite quickly.

Yeah, that's kind of what I figured to be honest: I just have to brave and expose it to the elements a little more! I really like that dusty look too and the easy weathering really attracted me to it.
Wested did get back incidentally: they said to give it a soft brush if it gets too wet rather than rubbing any water into the skin. We'll see I guess.

Originally Posted by Drones33
I meant to say, your novapelle Raiders is gorgeous. And I think youíre right, the slightly longer sleeves look great.

Thank you; you're very kind. It definitely needs a lot more wear to get that new jacket sheen to go, but I'm very happy with it.
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