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Originally posted by Indy Smith
But Ford won't have to be around for the ENTIRE production. Just because production is beginning, doesn't mean it's filming. There's still some viability to the rumor.

Yeah it does, lol. Prduction is the term for being on set or location with actors and shooting the film hence it is filming. Pre-production is the stage of preparation before the film and post-production is the stage afterwards.

Maybe I was a little vague...

Okay, you're right about your termanology, but I don't know if the guy meant starting with pre-production or not, the idea of what he said was PRODUCTION, that's all, that could be pre or filming, we'll find out. I think it's a little too early to start splitting hairs...

Even still, if the guy meant JUST filming, Ford wouldn't be around for the whole thing and he could juggle his schedule a bit. Look at Michael J. Fox when he did BTTF, he barley slept he was working so hard. I'm just trying to make the point that it can be done and it's not impossible.

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