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Recently received a couple Garrison Indy rabbit felt fedoras from David. To be honest, I was disappointed. I ordered 7 1/4 (58) which all my fedoras from different makers are. The ones from David were smaller than what I ordered. Could not even get them on my head. Had to stretch both on a hat stretcher to get them to fit and they are still snug. The back of the lining where the center bow is, is way off center from the front center of the hat. In other words the front crease and back of the hat sweat has one or both way off center. The better Fedoras have the sweat bow line up straight with the crease or front of the hat. When you would then put on the hat, you line up putting it on your head by the location of the bow or front crease. You have to look in a mirror to get the hat lined up on the ones I received. The AdVintage Harrison and Akubra Fed models are much better hats in my opinion at this price point.

If I had received the Garrison as my first fedora, I would of course had a different opinion but got the Garrison after many other brands like Adventurebilt, AdVintage, Northwest, and even the Fed by Akubra.

I also do not care for the color of the felt used.
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