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Originally Posted by Glenville86
Honestly, I wear a 7 1/4 in almost every hat. Translates to a 58 European. I always just order my size whenever I commission a custom fedora or buy one off the rack. When I joined the Army years ago, that was when I found out my real hat size vice the small, medium, large and X-large that many cheaper hats use.

I would suggest just going into a store and trying on a few to get the right size. Most of the custom Indy fedora preowned ones I picked up were from people who used a tape measure and the measurements were off. They ended up with hats that did not fit. I think they would have been better off just ordering their normal hat size. Some makers like Penman just wants the tape measure but you can just convert your size into the measurement he wants.

You don't want a snug fit. The sweat will conform to your head after you wear it some. Anything can be placed behind the sweat band (spacers) if it is slightly loose. I order cork strips off a guy in Canada but even just folding a paper towel to fit behind the sweat works fine.

That is just my opinion and some might recommend a tape measure vice just trying on some quality hats to get the right size.

This information is very much appreciated. I'm now going to go around a few hat shops to try on their wares to see if a common size that fits me well presents itself. Getting a hat that is too tight is my main concern.
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