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Originally Posted by No Ticket
I'm pretty sure they had created a jet or almost created a jet around the time of the end of the war, but by then it had no real use.
Yup. The Messerchmitt 262 which was in the planning stages before the war even started.
It actually did see some action in the last stages of WW2.

Ron Cobb did an illustration of his version that was to be used in "Raiders" instead of the Flying Wing.
(He put the engines on the side of the fuselage toward the rear instead of under the wing.)

They made a bomber, too. The Arado 234.

Believe it or not, the Germans were actually developing a Flying Wing (not just the U.S.).
I would post a photo but this baby probably deserves its own thread!

Anyway, that "Cities of the Underworld" History Channel documentary sounds very interesting.
Has anyone ever seen the documentary "Architecture of Doom"? Both fascinating & frightening at the same time.
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