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Ok,I just got done reading a message from an online Arabic speaking friend of mine,who I recently sent a message to,about this word(I don't know why I didn't think of doing that earlier.Duh,stupid me).
The translation this friend gave me was meshiver which is Arabic for "He is traveling." Or another spelling is mesafier which is Arabic for "Person will travel" or "He will travel."

Meshiver means "He is traveling."
Mesafier means "Person will travel" or "He will travel."
Ana mesafiera (if a girl is talking about herself) means "I'm traveling."
Ana mesafier (if a boy is talking about himself) means "I'm traveling."
Ana means "I'm."
Mesafier means "traveling."

That can't be it.That doesn't make any sense.We can rule that translation out.So obviously the subtitles were wrong on that spelling.

I got some assistance from someone from C.O.W. and the Hebrew word mishivah,also spelled mem shin bet ayin heh,is translated as "of seven" or "from seven."
The Hebrew translation doesn't make much sense either.We can rule that out also.

Mess in Arabic is "foda" or "karkba".So,we can rule out the translation being "mess."
Foda (mess) refers to corrupt or unfair elections.Foda is a formal word and it can be written in Arabic.
Karkba (mess) refers to the need to clean up.Karkba is an informal Arabic word used among friends or people you know very well and it's not acceptable to write.

4. - I think I found it!
Another Arabic word that sounds similar to the word meshiver is the word meshifer which translates as "code." What he was probably saying was "straighten up this meshifer (code)" not "straighten up this meshiver (he is traveling)." He was in an unorganized library and every library has a code that keeps the books organized properly.Meshifer,that's the translation that makes the most sense.
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