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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
There's always the chance that the word was invented, or included without checking.
I can see where that's a possibility,but it seems in these scripts that there were too many words changed to something else.Are these fans interpretations of the script or the actual script?If these are pre-versions of the final script,it may have been edited more before it was used for the movie.

Both these scripts say this:


Who needs smart women? I put up with you because
your mother and father were our finest patrons,
Allah rest their souls. Now straighten up this mess!


Look at this! Sons of the Messiah! Give
me frogs, flies, locusts, Anything but this!
Compared to you, the other plagues were a joy!

This line on both(of the links you posted)is different compared to the line in the movie.It should have been,"Sons of the Pharaohs!"
It wouldn't make sense that he would say "Sons of the Messiah" one minute then say "Allah rest their souls" the next.

Also,if these are pre-versions of the final script that was used in the movie,it would seem that some of the words were changed to better fit the movie's situations.Such as "Messiah" to "Pharaohs" and "mess" to "meshifer." "Pharaohs" because he's the curator of a museum and "meshifer" because it's an Arabic word and fits with the conversation perfectly.

For example,she said,"Well,I am the only person within a thousand miles who knows how to properly code and catalog this library,that's why." Then to end the conversation,he said,"straighten up this meshifer (code)." It seems like it makes perfect sense.
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