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Originally Posted by Lance Quazar
Yeah. And that cold weather outfit is dumb! I'm sure Hasbro's thinking was, "well, we released the regular outfit in 5POA, so at least we're giving them variety with the black series in this other outfit."

Well, the 5POA figure is garbage and now the cold weather outfit figure is garbage, too.


Mark my words, if there are Indy 5 figures, it'll be 5POA, just as was done to Star Wars and Marvel before it.

And then I'll go berserk.

Wish I could disagree with you on the likely 1/18 scale figure offerings for any future Indy film - but unless something changes radically (i.e. the price of oil or labour drops significantly) I think 5POA is our future from here on out.

However, I could stand to have secondary, background characters as 5POA so long as core characters featured in an articulated, non-exclusive "Black Series" release.

To be honest, I'm one of those who have embraced the 6" Star Wars and Marvel figures - so I wouldn't object to a separate sub-line at that scale.
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