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Originally Posted by shenshaw
In any case, I know I'm not alone when I say it would be awesome to read Darabont's screenplay. Even if they called it quits on the movie, I would "be ok" if somehow that work was published, circulated, whatever...

Being the rational skeptic, I only believe what I see. Until I see Indy IV trailers rolling around on the tube, I consider it a pipe dream. That having been said, I feel that the problem is not with Frank's script (which is probably excellent), but with the production itself. I don't think that the "dream team" can step up and do the script justice (maybe once upon a time, but not any longer), and I think they know it. I think ultimately the script will be leaked around the internet in various revised forms once the project gets the final "no go," but none of them will be as great as the original would have been with the right push. It's just too bad that a script rumored to be as good as Frank Darabont's will ultimately be reduced to internet drivel. At least go back and get it into novel form and give us one last Indy book, Frank!
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