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Originally Posted by torao
someone on the chud boards also explained the tragic of the whole darabont - lucas stand off by remarking on those two's past: that george was sort of darabont's mentor.
Aaand of course we all know that they worked together on the Young Indy stuff.
I like the thought, because it adds some perspective...and the situation Darabont finds himself in now.

That was why Spielberg was working with Darabount, because of his past YIJC experience with Lucas. Lucas has given absolutely no explanation for his action on Frank's script. All we have is what seems like Darabount being immediately shocked, humiliated, and frustrated by George pretty well bashing the script. Obviously, if Lucas were able to get another script going, Darabount's strong feelings would be moot. I just don't forsee GL ever being satisfied, for some stupid, arrogant, obsessive reason, with another script enough to ever make this film. It's all pretty sad.
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