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Originally Posted by Stoo
Indy's brother inspired me in another thread so here are some more snowy ideas (which may or may not have been mentioned before):

1) AVALANCHE! An avalanche is a standard of the old serials and we haven't seen one in an Indy film yet. I would love to see Indy try to outrun a cascading torrent of snow! (The 1935 version of H. Rider Haggard's "She" has a cliff-side, snow avalanche which ends up revealing the entrance to a tunnel.)

An act of nature revealing something lost is one can be one those lucky accidents, an open clue that does without a lengthy pre-amble. A sudden tempting invitation to the inner world, into which the character ventures without any prior knowledge or insight. The finer details of what lays inside remain just as much a mystery for the audience, as it does for the adventurer.

Originally Posted by Stoo
2) CRACKING ICE! Remember the part in "The Lost World" (Jurassic Park II) where Julianne Moore is in a deathly situation on the slowly, cracking glass? For me, that tension-filled scene was the best part of the movie. Imagine a similar situation with Indy on a thin sheet of cracking ice, ready to break at any moment!

This turning into this:

Originally Posted by Moedred
How about a frozen lake which is revealed to have no water beneath, just a long drop to the rocky ground? I've actually heard of this phenomenon: a reservoir is built and filled with water, trees in the former valley are topped at water level, the surface freezes, and rests on the many treetops when the reservoir is drained. Sequoias would be too far apart, but 100 foot lodgepole pines are plausible. When it starts to collapse and tilt at odd angles, the chase and escape (on aerosani and snowmobile) up the long valley begins.

A waterless carvern beneath the ice is a fantastic idea. Half falling, half grabbing/climbing down into a once pitch black strange subterranean world - now with shafts of dim eerie light penetrating to it's floor through the cracked ice ceiling. From there an entrance could descend even further downward into a lost underground world, doubly isolated from the outside.

Originally Posted by Stoo
3) SWEPT UNDER ICE! Just like in "Damien: Omen II", where a guy falls through a weak spot of a frozen river and gets swept away by the current. His friends can see him under the ice being carried away and follow his path trying to break it with their hockey sticks! Scary stuff. How could Indy escape from something like this? I don't know but it's one hell of an idea!

This is a tricky one to portray. Leave the character too long in the frozen water and it becomes like nuking the fridge, as they'd soon go into a coma from the cold. Once out they'd need to be warmed up quickly to prevent hypothermia. The time under water is therefore tense and horrifying.
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