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Originally Posted by Stoo
Sounds good, Sir Sab. I think many people would like to see Indy back in that part of the world.

You are very kind, Gentle Stoo. It would certainly give reason for A.) Marion to be around/talked about & B.) resolve the disappearance/death/whatever of Abner.

That said, I'm not particularly excited by a "snow bound" adventure. It could be done well, but would end up exchanging one set of monochromatic color for another. The series is in desperate need of a palette swap, and the northern reaches of China, Mongolia, and Siberia would do quite nicely.

There have been far too many earth tones thus far, and something needs to be done about it.

What would be really impressive if the adventure started out in the Winter and snowfall gradually increased throughout culminating in the escape through a furious blizzard!

Originally Posted by Stoo
Another good, snow-bound idea could be mined from the largely-forgotten, 1974 Disney movie, "The Island at the Top of the World". It's a Jules Verne-esque story about explorers searching for The Whale's Graveyard in the Arctic and encounter a lost, Viking civilization. Great adventure flick with only very, small doses of kiddie humour.

I remember that movie! I'll have to see if I still have my old VHS copy and give it a look see!
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