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Originally Posted by Matinee Idyll
Could you up the original scene to youtube for me mate? I haven't seen it in years... Or, if you have the inclination, could you do a before and after comparison with both videos?

I have to ask, with regard redubbing Barthelmey and Bouttcher - WHY!?!
Yeah, I would love to do that but don't think I'll have the time. My plan was to upload
all the bookends (and a bunch of other stuff) before Indy 4 but it doesn't look like it's
going to happen.

As for the re-dubs? Let's take it over to the "Scenes Cut from VHS/DVDs" thread.
On top of the new voices, there are a lot of differences and deleted shots.

Originally Posted by metalinvader
Haha,I love it.Really takes me back.I love how Indy hits on the mail lady after his story,Proves he he hadn't lost any of his moves,Even in old age!
Too right! I thought that was a great touch and she digs it, too.
Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
Part 4 is definetly the best part yet though, poor Indy, wonder what happened to him? I mean, he's hardly still going in that Parallell fictional Indyverse, I mean he'd be 108. And he seems far too doddery to go out in a blaze of Glory.
Did you mean this one?

This was a joke post where I used the bookends as the basis for his fate.
(Imagine if that were the case, though. H.Ford couldn't emulate Indy's real
accent which created a jarring difference between the film trilogy and the
bookends. Now, there's a backwards way of looking at things!)

Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
Does anyone else think, 'if only they knew' about those fellow prisoners, I mean we're talking about Indiana Jones here, its sorta tragic that they hiss him outta the cell. In his prime he woulda shown them a thing or two..
This is precisely why I like the bookends now. It's the irony! I think it's interesting
to see him become an old, babbling fool since it creates a mystique around his past.
He did great things but now...
Originally Posted by Flannery10
I loved the German East Africa and Congo ones and they are my favorite so far.
Then, my friend, you are going to loooooooove the "Petrograd" ones...
"Ireland" has some touching narration in the closer, too!
Originally Posted by Indy Smith
In case nobody looked at the link I posted:
I did and thanks for the photo.
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