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I noticed that Sgt Barthelemy performance seemed a bit off. it didn't sit quie right. I wonder if they had done some ADR on it. However i never realised Major Boucher had been ADR'd also. Were they ADR'd by the same actors then or different ones?

I'd also love to see what the original "Test me" scene looked like now that I know otherwise. In fact I'd love to see te original ADR for both the actors.

I do love the new edits. The stories are still there, but there is something about the opening and closing of the stories that don't feel just right. They don't have that oomph of an opening as they would have done if they had shot those episode originally without the bookends.

Edit: This is the first time I've seen the clip from the Mystery of The Blues:

It's brilliant! I thught this was one bookend that they actually kept in? Because when they were advertising the Young Indy stories on VHS they advertised the Mystery of the Blues with Harrison Ford.
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