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Well I can agree that yes it was a little harsh of a response. But IMO, I don't think you can have anyone portray Indy at an age older than the movies other than Harrison Ford. Doing a young chronicles was genius, and I really enjoyed those because they really showed the maturation of Indy. And it was ok to have Flannery because you can't make an old actor super young, but you CAN make him super old if needed. Hall seemed too "old manish" to me, at least in the initial video posted: way too grumpy and senile. I don't think an old Indy would be that way. And the eye thing...I dunno that seemed a bit over the top.

All I was trying to say is that I think showing the character in his younger years was great, and a good idea. But portraying him as an old man (very old actually) and with a new actor...well I think that wasn't the best idea, nor was it done very well. But like I said, this is just IMO
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