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Wow, thanks for sharing the story... I wish I could have met your grandfather. My grandfather was a little younger at the time (he just turned 80). He ran away at 16 to join the Merchant Marines, so I can relate from the stories he tells of the South Pacific.

Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
Ya see, thats life we should all try to live, miracle dogs and all..
"Life's like a movie, write your own ending..."
I agree.

Originally Posted by Adamwankenobi
All of this is why Old Indy's actions as an old man seem so realistic to me, and why I think it was a travesty that Lucas removed the Old Indy bookends for the home video releases. To me, they were an old man looking back on his extraordianry life, maybe exaggerating a few things, but wanting to tell people what it was really like growing up in the early 1900s and fight in the war, while trying to instill life lessons in them.
Well put. I'm watching them now for the first time on DVD, and that element is sorely missing, seemingly for no apparent reason.
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