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What are your "Do's" and "Don't's" for Indy 5?

What are a list of things you do, and don't want to see in Indy 5?


1) Harrison must have at least 50-60% of the screentime. I don't care if they introduce a young Indy whose story is running parallel to Harrison's. But Harrison must be given a dignified last hurrah - not made the butt of age jokes as in the last movie. Even if they have to use a stuntman, let Harry's Indy engage in some action. Include gun and whip play by Harrison's Indy - both of these were sorely missing from KOTCS.

2) Don't kill Harrison's Indy off.

3) Don't have Harrison's Indy accompanied by a young sidekick who does most of the dirty work. Don't have Indy drink from the Fountain of Youth. I have no interest in Indy movies set in the '80s and '90s.

4) No Chris Pratt, PLEASE, for the love of God, any actor besides Pratt.

5) Do not set the film any later than 1969.

6) Bring back Sallah even if it's just in a small cameo.

7) Do NOT retcon any of the other movies, or the YIJC out of continuity.

8) Try to bring Indy - both Harrison's Indy and a younger Indy - back to his anti-hero roots.
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