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Originally Posted by Moedred
Sean Connery did it in 2005.

Ford refused previously, or just wasn't approached?
He was approached it was in an old Lucasfilm Fan Club magazine from the early 1990s sorry I cannot remember which one they mentioned Ford refused to provide voiceovers when someone asked the developers why he did not do the voiceovers on Fate Of Atlantis & the 3D Indy games. The official line was he was too busy but the unofficial line was he at the time felt games were juvenile so was not interested in the voiceover work.

The scanned interview used to be on one of the now defunct Lucasarts fan sites they had comprehensive details on the Lucasarts Indy games but its all long gone.

If anyone has the 1992-1995 Lucasfilm Fan Club magazines its somewhere in there when they talk about re-releasing the games on CD-Rom!
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