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Dig Old Indy Chronicles - Part 2 (NEW DETAILS)

When creating a title card for "Part 2", I made an educated guess for the location and chose New York City. As it turns out, the guess was (partially) correct. According to the script for "London, May 1916", the restaurant where he meets up with Old Vicky is in New York City!

The Old Indiana Jones Chronicles - Part 2 (Extended)

Another correct guess was about Indy's lunch partner being an accountant. In the script's list of characters, he is: "Bob Traynor, his accountant".

Best of all is finally being able to know the accountant's indecipherable, whispering words.
Here's what I posted 6 years ago:
Originally Posted by Stoo, 23 April 2008
While Indy is trying to listen to "that voice", the accountant is lecturing him about
his "fairy stories". Here's what I could decipher from the whispered portions:

"When the IRS starts making threats, you have to take them seriously!
Now, what they find hard to believe is that you can still manage, at your age,
to rack up the same standard of expenses...(something)
...when you were in your prime!"

Fairy stories + large expenses = Old Indy is still at it!
Here's the dialogue excerpt from the script. (Note the line about archaeology):

Bob Traynor (lowering his voice)
Okay. Right. I know this isn't your favourite subject, but when the I.R.S. starts making threats you have to take them seriously. Archaeology was not a profession they ever fully understood, and I had a hard time explaining your expenses before, but they were obliged to accept them, however eccentric they seemed - and were! What they find hard to believe is that you still manage, at your age, to clock up the same standard of expenses which they had trouble in accepting when you were in your prime. It might help if you would occasionally produce a receipt or a voucher -"

So what would Old Indy being spending large amounts of unaccountable money on? Weekend getaways with private escorts? What is the old coot up to in his later days?
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