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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
I believe they're in order through Part 10, then jump around:
Up until Part 11, to be precise, but everything else is spot-on. Nicely done, bud.
Originally Posted by wisnoskij
So for the recompiled release without these bookends that seems to correspond with:
Your list is correct. I probably should've presented the uploads differently but, hey, what's Indy without a good puzzle to solve, eh?

In 2011, a kind YouTube soul named bestbuyextras221 graciously uploaded the full opening of the Austria bookends because of the missing 15 secs. He even titled it as "Part 4A" to follow my chapters (which was a pretty cool thing to do). So if you want to see every single second, his video is necessary:

The Old Indiana Jones Chronicles - Part 4A - Austria (March 1917)

My favourite thing about those 15 secs is that Old Indy mentions his adventure in the Congo (the week right after that very episode). So those sets of bookends followed each other better than I thought!

Also worth noting is bestbuy's recording of the Florence bookends without subtitles (but in French):
The Old Indiana Jones Chronicles - Part 14A - Florence (May 1908)
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