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Originally Posted by Mitchellhallock
Hey Indyfans--

Ed and I talked about having a contest for who comes up with the funniest Indy-themed Valentine Day cards and the winner would get a Mighty Mugg Mola Ram... trouble is I saw them on clearance tables at Target for 2.87 last week -- and when I went back to find one --

Then all of a sudden, Poof - it was gone. - Where? Well, no one knows where or when. However about a year after the Pharoh had returned...... oops ... sorry -- I was doing dialogue (it happens sometimes).

So if anyone can dig on up -- just PM me and we will see if we can get this contest off the ground for Indy-Cast #57.

Thanks -


Hey Mitch...
Any word on the Mola Ram Mighty Mugg???
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