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[quote=Rocket Surgeon]

Without content, the Indy-Cast won't last!

I believe accounts of our demise are a bit premature... I have a bunch on stories in the works and am attending ComicCon all weekend and will come back with some new infor on Indy Comics, fan reactions, toys and more. Plus with the new wii game coming soon, the new Indy novel, and more sideshow collectibles, and the ever growing rumors of more Indy (animated or film-wise) rest assure Ed and the Indy-Cast will live on. Take up the open invitation and send an MP3 or .wav file with comments or letters to the show and keep the fan input alive.. heck has been online for years -- and that was way before Indy 4 ever came about! So as a certain Corellian starpirate would say... "Come on let's keep a little optimism around here!"
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