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Originally Posted by Stoo
In Colorado this past summer, I bought a bottle of "Rubin's XXX Horsetooth Hot Sauce" with cayenne and habanero.

The label reads:
Not for the faint of heart, Rubin's XXX is a spicier, steamier, sizzlier version of Rubin's Red, our irresistible black pepper and garlic cayenne sauce. Rubin gets all fired up in this NC-17 version, tossing intense red habaneros into the mix for a tongue blasting heat that should come with a parental warning. Rubin's XXX - because one X just wasn't enough.

Haven't opened the bottle yet. I'm afraid to taste it!

That honestly made my taste buds water, Stoo!
I've never heard of that brand, but I am going to Google them here in a few. You should open the bottle, and take a small sniff (not a big one! May singe something ) and try a little taste. If you do please let me know how it was.

EDIT: I found their website, and may order me a few bottles. Thanks for letting me know about them.
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