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You guys are truly peurile. But if I must...

Indy: If you want me, Willie, you know where you can find me.
Willie: Five pants. You'll be back over here in five pants.
Indy: I'll be asleep in five pants.


Indy: We'll discuss my pants over dinner and champagne tonight.


Indy: Tell them that Lord Clarence MacDonald and his lovely assistant [skreeech] are here to view the pants.
Butler: Pants?
Indy: Dear me, the man is dense. This is a castle, isn't it? There are many pants...
Butler: Yes, this is a castle. And we have many pants. But if you are Scottish Lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!


Indy: Pants. I hate these guys.

That's my contributiuon to this inane (though mildly hilarious) thread.
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