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Originally Posted by Finn
Okay kids, just gimme a good reason to book some tickets to the Banana Islands.

You should know the rules. No personal insults - and no behavior that could lead to those.


Many here are trying to have logical and worthy debates around the movie (be they from the pro or anti KOTCS camp). However… I feel that some are simply baiting by stating the same thing over and over again e.g. to paraphrase “it’s proof that everyone hates KOTCS and it’s the worst Indiana Jones movie”. Now of course that’s only an opinion… and those who have it are welcome to it. But stating it again and again, as if it’s an automated response stamp, is not conducive to good-natured debate.

I’m more than happy to frequent boards where there is a modicum of good natured baiting/banter (as I do it myself)… but there is always a risk that 1) It derails the thread. 2) It turns personal and gets out of hand.

So all I’m saying (in a drawn out way), is sometimes it’s easier to focus on a heated reaction rather than looking at root cause i.e. the original statement that was designed to illicit a certain response…
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