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Changes are coming to Adventureland!

Despite being the best land, big changes are finally afoot at Disneyland's Adventureland. With an expanded Fantasmic! expected to debut later this summer, alleviating the bottleneck that is Adventureland is finally becoming important.

Of particular note: The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost is going to Yesterland. Not that I really mind; the store's been crap for years, and they can't keep the pinball in working order (if it's even still there). Select merchandise will be worked into the Adventureland Bazaar.

The outdoor bar and seating area for the Bengal Barbecue are also being eighty-sixed, and will be rebuilt where the Indy Outpost currently is.

South Seas Traders is also being deep-sixed in favor of... Tropical Imports, that over glorified fruit stand next to the Boathouse. That space currently occupied by Tropical Imports will become overflow stroller parking.

Exciting, neh? Adventureland gets plus-ed by subtracting from what few attractions it does have!

Looks like the shutters will be going up on 12 June. Locals have a day left to get their memories in!

Disneyland Finally Improving Adventureland Flow

If there's a silver lining, maybe there'll be some more nods to Indy's presence in the new Bengal Barbecue's decor.

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