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Does anyone know if Indiana Jones licensed merchandise will still be available to purchase at other stores in the park? Being from NY, I don't frequent either of the resorts often but the Disney parks seem to be the only stores that sell Indiana Jones merchandised licensed by Lucasfilm. For example I have not seen any Indiana Jones tshirts sold in stores that sell novelty shirts (Kohls, Hot Topic etc). I know Indiana Jones is not as big as Star Wars, but they sell tshirts from other films/film series (Jaws, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future etc, Goonies). Many of these series don't have a film out now and are not more popular/beloved than Indiana Jones but they still sell merchandise. Even the Funko pops of Indiana Jones were park and convention exclusives. While I wouldn't expect a bevy of options like you have with Star Wars, it still seems strange that Disney has released almost no merchandise at all since purchasing Lucasfilm. I don't think there is any licensing hangup considering Lucasfilm always maintained the rights to licensed material for their movies.
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