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Originally Posted by TheFedora
For a revamp, I honestly expected a lot better. Disappointed in this. Although to be honest, I never ate anything here, I don't know if its any good.

It is good, but only if you can stomach the price. Five bucks for two to three bites of meat is steep.

Conceptually the Bengal Barbecue is supposed to be street food. You can find grilled meats on a stick throughout... well, the majority of the world. Disney drenches theirs in a vaguely exotic sauce. Zulu! Polynesian! Hot n' spicy! The rest of the menu is rather forgettable, but people are talking up the new hummus trio and the ahi poke roll.

This popped up a few hours back, and it does give a nice overview of the changes.

The changes look better in the video than the photos, but it shows that the revamp was really done on the quick. Without up close looks at the pictures I can't say for certain, but it does look like any explicit reference to Indiana Jones has been erased from the former Outpost.

The amount of merchandise that was transferred to the Bazaar appears to be minimal, but referencing the Caribbean is really odd. Adventurelaand doesn't need any more confusion.

Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Well, it is the summer, and the traffic through the Adventureland corridor is fairly awful. (Things wouldn't be so bad if that half of the park didn't shut down for Fantasmic once or twice a night, but I digress.) No assurances of quality from WDI, but perhaps it'll be revisited at a quieter time of year.

I haven't been back that way in about five years, but after watching some videos it looks like that Disney has been running overflow stroller parking right down the middle of the path. That can't be helpful.

There's also a rumor that this decision isn't final. While the Outpost is gone for good (probably), the space might get converted back to retail or some other attraction (if possible).

The number of people @ Disneyland who think they're on an expedition to darkest Africa is hilarious.
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