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doc savage and shadow ARE back in print

Try checking at your local Borders stores. Both Doc Savage and the Shadow are back in print. You'll find them in the mystery section of the store. The trim size is approximately the same as the old pulp novels. These new collections have two novels collected per book. They also reprint the original pulp covers and include a number of new articles, etc. A new collection is released in each line monthly.

I believe there are currently 15 Doc Savage books out (totaling 31 novels - one book had three stories in it) and 16 Shadow books (or 32 novels).

Plenty of Indy style action! (Though the Shadow is more pulp - crime, he does have some exotic adventures from time to time. Doc really has the most Indy-like adventures. Be advised however that many of the are much more sci-fi than archaeology based. Still, pure pulp.)

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