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Nice to see you posting again, otto!
Originally Posted by Luckylighter
Check out Talbot Mundy's Jim Grim series -- perhaps the most Indy-esque stories from the Pulp genre (even more so than Doc Savage). You can find Jim Grim on Project Gutenberg. Try "The Nine Unknown" and "Jimgrim."
I've been meaning to look for some Jimgrim books. Thanks for reminding me!
(The only exposure I have to Mundy's work is the film version of "King of the Khyber Rifles".)

Another pulp authour I wanted to mention was Edgar Wallace, who wrote the early draught of "King Kong" (The Beast).
I've never read his stuff but he was a popular pulp novelist of the '20s and has tons of titles to his name.

There's Louis L'Amour, too.
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