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Sideshow Collectibles' Ark of the Covenant

Hello everyone!

I just signed up to these message boards and I'm a big fan of the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies (especially Raiders of the Lost Ark). I have been looking at some of the amazing collections some of you guys have here - very impressive!

My primary reason for signing up here is for my own search... for the Ark of the Covenant. More specifically, I have set myself the near-impossible task of trying to find the amazingly detailed version 23.5" Prop Replica that was created by Sideshow Collectibles.

I'm not a 'professional collector' or anything like that. I do have some particular chosen collectibles / items / toys / props from some of my favourite action and sci-fi films and I've always wanted my own 'Ark'.

I know that there are some variations on size and scale (there was one that came with the 'Toht' Hot Toys Figure, I think...?) But that's why I am here - I reckon there are probably a whole bunch of Indy-collectors who may be able to help me on my own little quest! I have gone through all the regular channels - ebay, amazon, independent online toy retailers etc. and so far... no joy

Anyway, perhaps some of you die-hard 'archaeologists' can help me out...? Maybe you have one that you want to sell (yeah.... right!), or you may have knowledge of a similar version out there that I don't know about....? (in reality, scale doesn't matter - so long as it IS the film version, officially licensed by Lucasfilm). Heck, I'll even go for that wee 'business card holder' that was released around the time of THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL's theatrical release.

I just hope to find a nice, smart-looking version of the Ark that I may put on display on my shelf (alongside my favourite bounty hunter).

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