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Originally Posted by indytim
I always thought it would be more interesting if Indy had a daughter instead of a son but then I guess if she took after her father she would come across as being too much like Lara Croft. Natalie Portman would have been a good choice although I remember when the rumours first surfaced I immediately thought of Jennifer Connelly.

Anyway, in 'honour' of the Jones' girl that never was I have created this wallpaper (1024x768 ... click the thumbnail to see full size image) using an old Adam Hughes sketch. Enjoy

Not that I'm complaining, mind you , but do you really think Indy would want his own daughter dressed like that?

After all, it was okay with Indy if some kid named Mutt Williams became a motorcycle mechanic all of his life instead of attending college, but no way will he allow Henry Jones, III to do the same.

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