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Originally Posted by Goodsport
but do you really think Indy would want his own daughter dressed like that?
Pubescent wank in action!
Originally Posted by Adamwankenobi
According to The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, Frank Darabont's "City of the Gods" script gave Indy and Marion a daughter, but Spielberg rejected it because he found it too similar to The Lost World.
It's hard to picture Marion, at her age, giving birth in '58/'59. Daphne/Susan could be the product of another relationship Indy had.
Originally Posted by MolaRam2
Nobody remembers The Lost World anyway,
I do. I own a copy and love it.
Originally Posted by The Man
They need to throw something of a curveball if casting Indy's daughter. Katee Sackhoff is only perfect. Think about it...
Dye her hair red and she could pass as a young Susan Bigelow (Indy's daughter)!
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