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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Merriam Webster Quiz

A ten word ten second per word timed multiple choice game.

Take the quiz and post your best...if you want, most important: post the words you tripped on.

I'm addicted to this...I just got my high score nine of ten! First try today, but my stupid slip up was: Cognitive! Damn it I let the timer get to me and I missed out on my first perfect score! Stupid stupid stupid!

...and on an easy one!

Final Score: 3400 Points!

The average score is: 2470 points

First one was only 1960, but the second quiz was easy!

Final Score: 3740 Points!

Sustenance: Food (Easier)
Mendacious: Dishonest (Harder)
Sovereignty: Freedom (Medium)
Obstreperous: Unruly (Hardest)
Mitigate: Ease (Harder)
Subjugate: Dominate (Medium)
Surrogate: Substitute (Easier)
Susceptible: Open (Easier)
Solicit: Ask (Medium)
Mercurial: Unpredictable (Harder)

Hope this isn't addictive!

Final Score: 3880 Points!

Explicit: Specific (Medium)
Expedient: Practical (Medium)
Dissonance: Conflict (Harder)
Ethereal: Airy (Medium)
Dolorous: Sorrowful (Hardest)
Imperative: Essential (Easier)
Dogma: Ideology (Harder)
Impede: Hinder (Easier)
Implement: Enforce (Easier)
Domicile: Home (Harder)
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