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That video istoo funny!

There is no such thing as Kobe beef, rather beef from the Tajimu Provance, Kobe is just the shipping point. The Breed, know as Kuroge Wagyu is raised on 262 small farms or ranches here. This is a fairly mountain and hilly region so movement is naturally restricted thus the cow does not devlope as much muscle mas as a normal grass feed cow, and has richer natural marbeling. As with all cattle, it has a period of fattening before it is processed to bring it up to optimal size. Like in all feed lots, the cows are no longer allowed to roam very far and are usually feed high carbohydrate foods. For the most part these cows are NOT feed beer, but atucally beer mash from the brewing process. They are also feed large amounts of Sake as Alcohol will turn food in sugers and fat faster.

The meat from these animals has the most intense marbeling of almost any cow, and the fat melts at a lower temperature. Hence, the beef is usually served sliced very thin, and with a very hot stone to cook the meat. You place a slice on the stone, the fat renders, the meat is barley cooked, and you have an amazing mouthful of tender flavor. It is amazing and very expensive. You can spend a few hundered dollars on a 1/2 pound.

I think Kobe is uaully a bit much, and am usually happier with a nice grain finished grass feed free range porterhouse - cooked perfectly.
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