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The one in Missouri.

Different cities or states have different styles of bbq. Just to name a few; there's Kansas City style (from what I've tried the sauce they use is too sweet for my taste. Never cared for it much), Memphis dry rub, Texas with it's smoke, the Carolinas and their mustard or vinegar based bbq sauce (my favorite) and parts of Alabama even have a white BBQ sauce that's poured on their ribs!

Ever been to what we in the south call a pig-pickin', Stoo? A bunch of folk buy a whole pig and slow cook and smoke it ALL day, slowly lathering the sauce on it as it cracks and blackens. Some people make home-made baked beans, slaw, potato salad and grilled corn on the cob, That is some real eatin'!
I'm hungry now.

EDIT: Here's a look at a few local BBQ joints near me: Phil's Dream Pit and Pratt's BBQ!
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