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Dig Pearl's (North of San Francisco)

Hands down, one of the GREATEST HAMBURGERS that I've ever tasted can be found at, Pearl's Phatburgers, in the tiny village of Mill Valley, Marin County, California. (The walls were adorned with quotes from local food critics/experts. While this type of decoration is quite typical, the accolades usually mean something and this was no exception.)

A fantastic burger, beautifully & sumptuously done! Crusty on the outside, pink on the inside with a perfectly toasted bun. Thick pattie but perfectly flat and easy to eat. I ordered mine with Monterey Jack cheese & bacon and personally complimented the cook after the meal. Even my girlfriend (an Italian food snob) commented on how good it was, even 2 weeks later. 'Twas a burger to remember!

Apparently, there are 2 other Pearl's in San Francisco (Pearl's Deluxe). Hopefully, they are just as good as the joint in Mill Valley.

Upon recommendation from Inexorable Tash, I tried out Super Duper (the one on Market St.) but it wasn't as good as Pearl's. It was very tasty but much too sloppy. The pattie actually looked like a flying saucer; thick in the centre, flat on the edges! Weird...but special!

Missed opportunity:
UMAMI Burgers! (It's also a chain in some other, major U.S. cities so if anyone else feels like giving some feedback, you'd be more than welcome to do so.) Inexorable Tash & Le Saboteur both recommended Umami...Next time, dudes!

Pearl's in Mill Valley RO-O-O-O-O-O-OCKS!
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