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Originally Posted by mattzilla2010
If you're ever visiting L.A. try a bar called Father's Office - they have a burger that's insanely delicious. I had one last night and instantly thought of this thread.

Article about the Father's Office Burger: ger.php
That looks fantastically delicious, Mattzilla. Thanks for thinking of this thread. The article states that they don't do substitutes or additions like ketchup. The owner explains why, and I can understand, but I ALWAYS put ketchup on my burgers. Lots of it!

That said, Father's Office looks worth a try. I haven't been to L.A. in almost 15 years but if the opportunity strikes again, I'll definitely pay that place a visit. Thanks for the recommendation!
Originally Posted by Pale Horse
Just chillin’ with a nice Omaha Sirloin Steak Double Patty Burger with Organic backyard grown Butter Leaf Lettuce and Heirloom Tomatoes, Pepper Jack Cheese and Apple-wood Bacon and a hint of yellow mustard all on a bakery baked pretzel bun.
The list of burger joints to check out in L.A. is growing…including your house! Those babies look scrumptious and I love your description. Have you ever done a triple pattie?
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